JoEllen Depakakibo, Creator of Pinhole Coffee Shop in Bernal Heights “You shouldn’t get off that path or be distracted if things don’t go your way”

I just read this article about a lady I went to college with in the Chi. Great stuff!

Inspiring People in Creative Spaces


Where did the idea for Pinhole come from?

I’ve been in the industry since 2002.  At Blue Bottle, I started in 2006 and was their 8th employee bagging beans, working at the Kiosk (garage in Hayes Valley) and Farmers’ Market. I ended up managing the Kiosk for a few years and in 2012 move to NYC to help with some of their newer retail operations.

Pinhole was in my mind for the past four years, and I’ve actively been looking for spaces that long.  Other spaces opened up earlier but fell through at the last minute.  My experience in NYC gave me more of the ability to just do it; if you can be successful in New York than you can be anywhere.  It gave me a lot of business sense, so finding this space was great and the spaces that fell through were stepping stones to…

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