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It’s been a little while since I’ve posted, so most of the things that I’m going to mention is old news. You know the mantra on here the Chomp: wrong time is on time.

Gone till beyond November.

First off, Watch Dogs has been delayed until Spring 2014. That’s a bummer, as I was anxious to try the Chicago-based game even though I had no immediate plans to purchase a next or current-gen system (which means it’s not ultimately¬†not a huge deal for me). The news has disappointed a lot of gamers, and possibly gives Sony less of an edge against Microsoft since Watch Dogs seemed to be a big part of their plan, especially with their PlayStation 4 bundle of the game and the system.

Secondly, on Sunday I attended the last round of the Xbox One Tour here in Chicago. I played several video game demos and got a good feel for the system. More on that later.

Third, I saw that demonstration of the Steam Controller. It was quite impressive; Valve might have something really special there.

Finally, Sony released a new PS4 commercial which includes a brief overview of the Playstation legacy. If you haven’t seen it, here is below. Such wonderful memories.

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RIP Tom Clancy


We’ve lost another good one today, folks. Critically acclaimed and best-selling author Tom Clancy died yesterday at John Hopkins Hospital in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. He was 66.

Clancy made his debut in 1984 with the novel, The Hunt for Red October, which (like many of future works) would later become a hit movie directed by John McTiernan and star Alec Baldwin and Sir Sean Connery. Clancy’s works had a highly successful and prolific career, having over 25 fiction and nonfiction books published, several of which were best-sellers.

Not only did Clancy find success on bookshelves and in movie theaters, his work also became renowned in video games. The first game based on Clancy’s work is the submarine simulator The Hunt for Red October, based on the novel and movie of the same name. In 1996, Clancy partnered with British Royal Navy submarine captain Doug Littlejohns to create Red Storm Entertainment, which developes the Tom Clancy brand of video games. Amongst the Tom Clancy¬†titles are the tactical shooters from the Rainbow Six series, the stealth driven Splinter Cell series, and the Ghost Recon games. Now owned Ubisoft, Red Storm continues to produce games for the Clancy brand.

Clancy is survived by his second wife Alexandra Marie Llewellyn and four children.

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