Final Fringe Friday

I’m going to take yet another break from video games to focus on television. In just a few minutes, Fox will air its final episode of Fringe just months before the show’s fifth birthday. Thus the “Fringe Friday” era of TV will come to an end.

Of course, there just had to be a Bulls game on the same night…

Fringe will get my attention though, as it has in the past few years. I didn’t start off liking the show; I thought it was just an X-Files rehash. Of course, actually watching the show made me appreciate it for the type of program it is. I love its sense of subtlety, mystery and conspiracy. It’s a show that demands its viewers pay attention, and so far the payoff has been worth the time for me.

I came to Fringe late, so I don’t remember the first time the Observers appeared or when Peter first kissed Olivia. I do remember the first time that I saw one of the show’s many glyphs. That was around the beginning of 2011, when I began to actually watch the show. I found myself engrossed in what those glyphs meant and through Google’s ramose touch, found this post by Julian Sanchez (a few years late) which impressively explained the meaning behind the glyphs’ meaning.

From there, I just kept watching. I started out looking at some old episodes on the show’s website than visited Fringepedia to catch up on its history.

Now, here’s the last stand of the show. So many mysteries and so many memories; it’s been a great show to watch. I would’ve liked John Noble to get an Emmy nod, but we can’t have everything. At  least Astrid got her own episode, though.

Go Bulls and good-bye Fringe. It’s been good.

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