PS2 Bites The Dust

The Legend

It’s finally happened.

After almost 13 years, Sony has finally stopped shipping its Playstation 2 video game console in Japan writes DigitalTrends’ Anthony Jon Agnello. The system will continue to see the release of new titles however, with titles like Square-Enix’s Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin up for release next March. The PS2 leaves the market as the best selling video game home console of all time, with sales of 153.68 million units worldwide. It was the greatest selling dedicated video game console of all up until this month, when the Nintendo DS took that title with worldwide sales of 153.69 million units.

Hard to believe that so much time has passed since the PS2 first debuted. The system’s lifespan has covered three generations (including its own) of video game hardware. The system has perhaps the most diverse and expansive software library ever, with (as of 2011) 10, 828 titles that feature everything from role playing games like Suikoden Tactics to action/adventure blockbusters like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which is currently the system’s best selling title.

For me, the PS2 is my favorite video game console and the first one I bought myself. I mainly got it because I wanted to play DVDs and games from the Tekken and Grand Theft Auto series. Just over nine years later, my PS2 is still running smoothly, managing to avoid the technical errors that plagued some of the earlier units.

It’s been a magnificent run for the PS2, and its legacy will likely endure for years to come, especially on eBay. Until next time.

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World AIDS Day

I’m going to take a break from video games and talk about something different. It just hit me that today is World AIDS Day, a day of reflection and unity in the fight against AIDS. I lost a loved one to complications from HIV years ago, and its left a wound that has never fully healed. I am grateful for the advancements in HIV/AIDS research over the years, especially in the case of Timothy Ray Brown.

I hope that soon we can have a way to cure any afflicted with HIV/AIDS, and that more people worldwide will become more aware of the disease and more respectful and supportive of those who suffer from it.

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